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My love of photography came very young. I was fascinated by the idea of capturing moments and images that could last forever. I noticed that I could “see” all the right angles, and began framing these perfect shots in my head. In middle school, I have gifted an Ansel Adams photography book which inspired me to take the next step and buy my first camera. I dove straight into infrared film with darkroom projects and even asked local camera shops with photo labs to let me use their facilities in order to study and practice. They saw how serious and eager I was in learning the art, so they let me work with them and use their space.

My very first “gig” also came in middle school, when I was made the main photographer for the yearbook. I continued in high school with the newspaper but then took it a step further. By junior year, I had created my own highly popular, music related magazine in order to give myself the creative freedom and control for an entire project. By college time, I decided to minor in photography, while also doing as many extra private training and courses that I could. After graduating, I traveled the States for two years perfecting my skills and focusing on natural light photography, using landscapes and nature as my subjects.

Photography had always been a serious hobby, but once others began seeing my work, I was offered photography jobs for their events. After my first wedding gig as a photographer, I realized how much I really enjoyed the entire process of working with clients to capture their most special moments. Since then, I put my attention into turning my hobby into my business. Soon after I created my first gallery online and my photography business grew solely by word of mouth.

Now, I have over 25 years of photography experience and education. I continue to stay current with new technology and the best ways to use the digital cameras and features of today. Currently, I handle all different photography shoots including Wedding, Headshot, Special Event, Maternity, Family, Commercial & more with 100% client satisfaction.

“We had a beautiful beach wedding! I got my dream sunset and my pictures were captured just as I’d dreamed! Thank you!!”


“Every single time my expectations are exceeded. Not only are the photos beautiful, but the experience as a whole is always professional and pleasant.  This company will be my go-to for photography for many years to come!”


“We had our maternity pics done and they turned out better than I could’ve dreamed!!! I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the outcome and will be using this company from now on!”